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The next time a fellow competitor yells a scathing insult at you, be sure to thank them.

They are actually doing you a favour – in fact, their insult is beneficial to you in THREE ways!!


BENEFIT #1:   People have all sorts of reasons to be angry, frustrated, emotional, or irrational.  It is never appropriate to behave unpleasantly towards others, but it happens.  Benefit #1 is a REMINDER to you that not everyone out there competing is ‘sportsmanlike’ or ‘sportswomanlike’, and not everyone behaves appropriately, or pleasantly.  In life, in our own little bubble, the perfect world we try to make for ourselves, we tend to forget that there are nasty, rude, angry, and ill-behaved people out there.  A good reminder is always helpful…!!


Because it keeps us from living too much in our bubble and becoming ‘soft’.  It keeps us on our toes, reminding us that there are always tough challenges out there.  Nothing like a little boost of mental toughness in the form of an attack from an outsider!



BENEFIT #2:   That insult got under your skin.  Made the veins in your neck pop out, made your face turn red.  But rather than muster up the perfect response to the person who yelled stupid things at you, and rather than focus on how to respond or react – you should take this externally created energy and apply it to your riding, swimming, running, or whatever you are doing at the time.

Look at this as a gift!  You now have a huge burst of strong energy in you- and it can be channelled wherever you’d like it to go.  Might as well speed up your stride, or pack on more power…

Yes, the best benefit is that you can now use that energy that is welling up in you, not to REACT to the attacker, but to ENHANCE your performance at the moment.  This is energy that you didn’t have to dig up, you didn’t have to eat an extra power bar to obtain, you didn’t have to take a rest to get.  This is bonus energy.  Use it wisely!  Run/swim/bike faster and pass the insulting offender EVEN FASTER!!  Heheheheheh!



BENEFIT #3:  It never hurts to work on your own behaviour, comportment, finesse.  Work on your patience at every chance you get.  Work on your drive, focus, concentration, and distraction-control every moment that presents itself.  If you are yelled at by an insulting competitor, here is an OPPORTUNITY to PRACTISE that strong, resistant dignity and focus.  It helps you to perfect your own qualities.  Use that insult to your advantage.

For example, when I play golf, I welcome every opportunity to play a sand shot.  It’s a difficult shot to play, and generally, we never get quite enough time to practise it well.  So when my ball rolls into a bunker during a game, I don’t get upset and anxious.  I am grateful and welcome this chance to practise my sand-shots.  I look forward to it.   I am happy when it happens.

So the next time someone yells at you during a race, remember to thank them!  Narrow into yourself and transfer your anger and shock into new energy to fuel your race…be grateful that you are one of the ones who behaves well and that there are tons of people out there who don’t (for whatever reason – and the amount of compassion you feel is up to you), and remember that you are only able to perfect your toughness and other qualities when you have a challenge and an opportunity to do so.

Looking forward to more challenges and opportunities!


This is for everyone, but mostly for those of you who run:

Many unfortunate events have turned runners into targets and made running a dangerous sport. People avoid runs because they are alone, or because it’s getting dark outside.

But what if you must get that workout in, or you are stuck somewhere and it’s already dark? Would you feel comfortable running?

Having skills in self-defence could certainly help. It would empower athletes (especially women, who seem to be most targeted) and return our sense of confidence.

I’m organizing a 2 hour self-defence techniques clinic for women and want to gauge how many people would be interested in attending.

You will learn useful self defence techniques by a renowned instructor (black belt in karate, Israeli Krav Maga, and other fighting styles), and have hands-on practise during the seminar. Everyone will get the chance to actually perform the skills and feel confident using them.

Cost and dates to be determined, but figure on about $25-30. Class sizes will be reasonable so that everyone gets ample hands-on learning. There will be multiple dates if the demand is high.

Please email me with your interest and any questions.


Anna Weltman
Top Performance Consulting

Our brain…Our greatest natural resource!

Please check out the Barefoot Running section – i’ve updated it with information and history of my barefoot running lifestyle!! Enjoy!

First Barefoot Run

Posted: September 19, 2010 in Running

Well, only one person showed up today for the run but he was an experienced runner so we had a good run going.

We went from Powerhouse park up to the street, through Del Mar and up to Via De La Valle street. We ran on the bike path, turned around and came back.

Up to the park again, and we walked across the thick grass – what a nice foot massage! Down to the beach for some deep sand walking, a refreshing dip in the ocean to cool the tootsies, and back up to the park.

Was definitely worth it. I’ll organize next week’s run a bit sooner and give better instructions of where to meet me in the park!

My feet feel good! (i’ve been away from running for a month)

Join the Barefoot Runners of San Diego Facebook group now!

Inaugural event is this Saturday at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar, CA.

A group run at 3pm for anyone interested in running barefoot. All ages, stages, and levels welcome. All types of minimal footwear invited too!

See you there!!

Organized by the Barefoot Runners of San Diego .