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1. NOT: What kind of car you drive?
BUT: How many people did you drive who did not have transportation?

2. NOT: What is the square footage of your house?
BUT: How many people did you welcome into your home?

3. NOT: Which clothes are in your closet?
BUT: How many people did you help to clothe?

4. NOT: What was your highest salary?
BUT: Did you compromise your character to obtain it?

5. NOT: What is your job title?
BUT: Did you performing your job to the best of your ability?

6. NOT: How many friends do you have?
BUT: How many people were you a friend to?

7. NOT: What neighbourhood do you live in?
BUT: How did you treat your neighbours?


There is no shame in getting help if you believe it will enhance your life and the lives of others around you. Here is a great story about NBA player Ron Artest – enjoy the article and video clip!!


Posted: October 6, 2010 in Blog, Physical Fitness, Swim
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Highly recommended!

Try out a session (or a few) of “Watsu”. This is a type of massage that is done in the water as you are suspended (usually using different sizes of buoys, etc…or those pool ‘french fries’.) It’s done in shoulder deep warm water where a practitioner suspends you and floats you around, pushing and pulling you into positions that are therapeutic for your back and neck. This is especially helpful for post -spine surgery patients.

Here is a bit more info:

You don’t do anything; the practitioner does all the work – so it’s not considered exercise, but the floating and suspended properties of this treatment enable you to relax certain muscles and to stretch out others which is helpful to healing.

There is a link on that site to all the practitioners around the world…this is highly practiced in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Healthy Recovery to All!!

Psychologist shows why we ‘choke’ and how to avoid it.

Imagine, car free, safe, enjoyable and scenic riding…in San Diego!! WHERE WHERE? you ask!!

Soon, we will have it here!!

Some friends have put a lot of work into creating this petition to make a bike path from Lakeside to the Ocean, which they will forward to city hall, etc…as appropriate. Please have a look and pass this around as much as possible if you are interested in helping it move forward.



You can be critical of your performance, or you can be thankful for such a

Race and train for your own reasons, not others’ expectations.

Great races are made up of one meter and one minute at a time. A ten hour
Ironman is six hundred efficient minutes. Every minute spent thinking about
someone else is not one of those efficient minutes.


The Sea

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Blog

The picture at the top of my blog is actually a cropped part of a photograph that I took of the Pacific Ocean, from the Torrey Pines Nature Reserve.

We were atop the mountain at Torrey Pines, looking towards the sea from about 600 feet away. Now that would make for a very long golf shot!

Hiking at Torrey Pines is so picturesque and exhilarating. There is wildlife abound, and inspiring views, crisp salty air, and usually some sunshine too, in the afternoon.