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the mental game of sport

Keep your head in the game!



About me…

Among other things, which I’ll get to later, I’m a graduate student in Sport Counseling in San Diego.

I currently work to help athletes – namely intermediate level triathletes – overcome their individual, specific mental challenges, enabling them to improve substantially and succeed in their sport.


I focus on the issues of concentration and motivation by teaching athletes imagery. This helps to improve their performance, as well as sustain them when thwarted by injury.  I also work with them on goal setting, focus, routines, changing negative self-talk, and re-framing negative experiences.

Several other projects I’m involved in include coaching girls’ gymnastics, guiding professional golfers, and counseling divers and other water-sports people with fears and anxieties related to open water.

I have two adorable cats and live in Del Mar, California.



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