The True Master

Posted: January 18, 2011 in 1-Sports Psychology

A way of measuring our success is by helping others become successful.

  • When an employee makes their boss look good, they will usually find dynamic progress upward.
  • A helper (doctor, therapist) gains recognition by having saved many lives or improved health in many patients.
  • A coach becomes popular when they are producing top-performing athletes.
  • A leader is revered when they help inject leadership into others.
  • When a teacher / researcher’s knowledge base is surpassed by their students, they are said to have instilled great favour upon their students.

The old adage:

“A True Master is one whose student becomes better than they”

is indeed correct!

Performers always need to raise the bar.  They need help doing so and a good coach/leader will help them to do that – even if it means that the performer will out-perform the leader at some point in the game.


It is necessary to have “out-performance” on a regular basis, otherwise levels and standards would never change.  The same old rate of production would remain and nothing new would challenge it.

The world is ever-changing and so are the people in it.  You and I will always fall somewhere on the comparison continuum as better in some things, worse in others, superior in skill to some, inferior in skill to others.  Also, those who we surpassed will maybe one day surpass us.

The Comparison Continuum

Life has a start and an end.  It’s a continuum.    The teacher/student relationship also falls within a continuum

These are measurements…let’s use whole numbers just to express this point.


We are either lower or higher in measurement…and this changes constantly around things, and between people.

Brand New (rookie)–Learning–Improving–Highly Performing–Excelling–Surpassing……..

Ponder this further.  Think about what it means to you.  Are you a leader being surpassed by your followers?  A coach whose skill is being surpassed by his/her athletes?  A teacher whose student is about to make the next big wave in the world and be far away and long gone?

Let’s hope so!!!!


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