What do you know about complex motor skill building in children ages 3-7? Please comment

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

Does learning complex motor skills while watching a teacher (in most cases- at mirror image) have any positive effect on children before a certain age? At what age can they handle calculating complex tasks, at the same time as coordinating their complex motor movements? In addition, if the language of instruction is not the learner’s first language, does this hamper or have no effect at all on their processing of the tasks? It certainly tasks the student more because he/she must process the translation, the understanding of the concept, and then try the motor skill and perfect it.
Does learning this complex ‘bundle’ improve the child or hinder their development? What are the benefits of having been exposed to such situations at a young age? (younger than the normal developmental age of these skills)
Comments welcome!


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