Self Defense Skills Workshop

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Running
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This is for everyone, but mostly for those of you who run:

Many unfortunate events have turned runners into targets and made running a dangerous sport. People avoid runs because they are alone, or because it’s getting dark outside.

But what if you must get that workout in, or you are stuck somewhere and it’s already dark? Would you feel comfortable running?

Having skills in self-defence could certainly help. It would empower athletes (especially women, who seem to be most targeted) and return our sense of confidence.

I’m organizing a 2 hour self-defence techniques clinic for women and want to gauge how many people would be interested in attending.

You will learn useful self defence techniques by a renowned instructor (black belt in karate, Israeli Krav Maga, and other fighting styles), and have hands-on practise during the seminar. Everyone will get the chance to actually perform the skills and feel confident using them.

Cost and dates to be determined, but figure on about $25-30. Class sizes will be reasonable so that everyone gets ample hands-on learning. There will be multiple dates if the demand is high.

Please email me with your interest and any questions.


Anna Weltman
Top Performance Consulting

Our brain…Our greatest natural resource!


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