Body and Mind focus – through Karate

Posted: November 14, 2010 in 1-Sports Psychology

This applies to all athletes. Learn from this…

When you walk in the ring/competition area ready for your performance, think to yourself: “this is MY ring” or “this is MY competition area”. Everyone should notice you. Everyone should listen to you. Everyone should pay attention to you.

You project energy – you rule the ring/competition area.

Your eyes are actually situated at the back of your head, looking forward and back. See all…don’t close your focus.

Project your energy from between your eyes.

Your spine/belly should feel as if they house the eye that sees all.

Keep your eyes straight.

Get ready by ‘panting like a dog’, quietly – not loud – and be less heavy on your feet. Be ready to move.

Don’t spend time looking at your opponent’s or other aggressive move, then judging what to do, and then reacting with action. This wastes too much of your time and focus.

Just look and or whatever action you are about to do.

If your opponent moves in towards you, your reflex should be only a breath and a” kiop” (loud noise uttered). No need to react with a move.

Have all of the joints in your body follow one another, one by one, to transfer power. Make sure to punch to the centre. There you inflict the most power.

Always change the rhythm of your moves toward your opponent.


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