Posted: October 6, 2010 in Blog, Physical Fitness, Swim
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Highly recommended!

Try out a session (or a few) of “Watsu”. This is a type of massage that is done in the water as you are suspended (usually using different sizes of buoys, etc…or those pool ‘french fries’.) It’s done in shoulder deep warm water where a practitioner suspends you and floats you around, pushing and pulling you into positions that are therapeutic for your back and neck. This is especially helpful for post -spine surgery patients.

Here is a bit more info: http://www.watsu.com/

You don’t do anything; the practitioner does all the work – so it’s not considered exercise, but the floating and suspended properties of this treatment enable you to relax certain muscles and to stretch out others which is helpful to healing.

There is a link on that site to all the practitioners around the world…this is highly practiced in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Healthy Recovery to All!!


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