Just purchased a new domain name!!

Posted: September 17, 2010 in 1-Sports Psychology, Top Performance Consulting
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I have been fearful of taking this and other steps, for a very long time. I have been shying away from actually getting started and getting myself OUT THERE…for fear of…well, not really sure what I’m fearful of. Perhaps just doing something wrong, or looking silly. I am a perfectionist and don’t like to create things that are not EXACTLY as I want them to be…but you know what? I’m learning that if you don’t get out there and try, get going and START creating, or making steps, you will never get ANYWHERE!!

I didn’t want to choose the wrong name, or choose something that I would want to change later, and regret…or choose a theme, or site, or template that I will not like in a few months time. I also want to please everyone – by choosing something that is appealing to all…yet this is very much impossible! We can’t appeal to ALL because everyone’s tastes are different.

So for the longest time, I didn’t make any moves. Only THOUGHT about the moves I needed to make, but didn’t actually take the steps!

My supposed dilemma was getting the correct domain name.

I was looking for “topperformanceconsulting.com” (Top Performance Consulting DOT COM) but it was taken so I’ve been in the process of trying to come up with a different name…and just watching time go by as I fuss and fret over the hundreds of names I’ve come up with…

Well, lately I’ve been more persistent and courageous and have again dragged myself and my hours of time over to several websites where I could purchase a domain name. Today, I was lucky.

I noticed that there is a push now towards domain names ending in “.co” (DOT C-O) rather than “.com” (DOT COM). These are indicative of business sites and anyone with a company should be looking to use these suffices for their sites – hopefully this is the start of a new trend.

I tried my original search, using my company’s name (Top Performance Consulting) and lo and behold – there was a domain available with the .co suffix, for that name. Now, topperformanceconsulting.co is ALL MINE!!!

Well, now that this next substantial step has been conquered, I am once again led to a path of OPTIONS TO TAKE and FURTHER DECISIONS TO MAKE…but I am glad I took this step. The fear has again subsided yet even more…


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