Triathletes and Swimmers – Great Swimming Tool

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Swim, TriAthlon
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This is from an Ottawa Triathlon Club posting:

“…I ordered a “Pool-Mate” watch have been swimming with it for 3 and a half months and …I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!

The Pool-Mate is the only swimming computer. A watch that will count your laps and strokes automatically it also give you speed and distance data, calories and swimming efficiency. Containing advanced motion detectors and our bespoke software the Pool-Mate brings swimming into the 21st century.

I’ll be honest..I used to just go through the motions with swimming I found it very frustrating..trying to count laps was a pain, I would constantly lose my count, and in turn lose my rhythm and concentration on a good stroke. Now I love to swim…I really enjoy challenging myself to swim further, faster and more efficiently, the stroke counter helps with that. I could already see great improvements in my speed and stroke rate after only 2 months…”

thanks for that info.  Anyone else tried this?


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