Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone…for REAL!

Posted: September 12, 2010 in 1-Sports Psychology, Top Performance Consulting

I did a 5k race (barefoot as usual) at the MCRD (Marine Corps Recruiting Depot) in San Diego last fall.

It really was an honour to spend a few hours at MCRD  contemplating the lives of service-people and what they give up for the rest of us.  I tried to picture myself in their shoes (oops, sorry for the pun) and realize how lucky we are to have choice and comfort.

If we get outside of our comfort zone; we stop what we’re doing and return to comfort.  If Marines get out of their comfort zone: too bad, they sometimes have to stay there.

So when kilometer 4 was beginning to tire me out and I was contemplating walking, it made sense to think about how grateful I am to have my choice and free will.  I decided to sacrifice my comfort – it was the least I could give – and I kept on runnin’!!


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