Racing and Illness

Posted: September 12, 2010 in 1-Sports Psychology, TriAthlon
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I was really well trained for a race last winter…was ready for a chilly bike ride, freezing water, etc…I trained in just a skin suit for the ride and run…so I felt that I was TOUGH!!

Well, I got sick the week of the race but decided I’d do it anyway…and just accept that I’d stay sick a few days later.  But then it rained all the night and morning leading up to the race.  That was overboard for me – beyond my limits.  Swimming in Fiesta Bay (in San Diego) after a full night’s rain AND having a sick body was not a good combination.  All of that training and anticipation – GONE – out the window!  But I’m glad – because with a low body immunity and high bacteria count in those waters, I’d not just have been sick for a few more days after; I’d probably be REALLY sick for weeks to come.

Remember that sentence we learned as kids and (grew to despise)  – Short term pain = long term gain?  So miss a race now, but race the rest of the season.    Or in  your case, short-term “holding back” will = long term “going full out forward”!!

Have a great season and remember that every training season is comprised of ups AND downs.

Those downs, slower sessions, boring sessions, repetitive sessions, and recovery days all have a place in an athlete’s complete training plan and must ALL be present.

Stay tuned for my special section on REST, TAPER TREATS, RECOVERY and REGENERATION!!

  1. Brien says:

    My wife needs this article. She had been training for her first marathon and ended up with bronchitis the day of the race. She ran anyway. At mile 17 she couldn’t breathe and could barely speak. Pneumonia was on it’s way so we went straight to the doctor. It took her a long time to recover. I was so worried… She could have died.

    • There is also a common phenomena of training getting a person sick, sometimes just before and sometimes just after a race. Not sure how ‘common’ it is, but have heard this complaint from a lot of athletes here. Something to discuss further, for sure!

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