The Brain is Holy; Don’t be Afraid to Use It!!

Posted: September 11, 2010 in 1-Sports Psychology, Top Performance Consulting
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Body Focus: Eating right, sleeping well, stretching, building strength, powering through endurance and speed workouts, treating aches and tired muscles to yoga and massage.

Brain Focus: Now it’s time to focus on the the “Control-Center”. Recognize the smartest project manager of all, the coordinator of all your efforts, the motivator, the energizer, the relaxer, the emotion-tamer, the goal-setter, the reward-giver : Y O U R B R A I N !!


I want to introduce or re-introduce you to your best friend. No, not your spouse or significant other, not your parent, not your dog or cat…it is your very own BRAIN!!

I want to re-awaken your curiosity, re-kindle your awareness, re-stimulate your senses, and get you THINKING about that which allows you to THINK.

Your body feels; your brain knows.

Together, they work as a coherent team to give you the unique edge to stand out from everyone else. They give you the “Head-Start”!

GET IT!! ….

More coming soon… from Anna and TOP PERFORMANCE CONSULTING – “Head-Start” Mental Training.


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