L’Essentiel Weltman

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Top Performance Consulting
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We have grown distant, inhuman. We have names but what do they mean? They are frigid encasements, reminders of our once longing to imprint the earth with our memory. Today, the trend is to seek the ability to leave a smaller footprint. We are always confused. And have always been so.


Language is lost. Built up, refined, adopted by the greatest powers, and then once again reduced to its original primitive state. What was the point of embellishments, of grammatical fervour, and of all the literary fever? Birds and dogs have communication more structured than ours.


More and more houses, buildings, living spaces, man-made dwellings ugly-ing the landscape of the planet. Tasteless contraptions contrived by narcissistic individuals. If the pathology remained untouched, it would exist as the most organic element we have in us, but instead it is channeled and codified into ruthless wreckage, bearing as its fruit the crass stucco of horrid random architecture.

Man vs. Universe

Blending into nature is an art lost on man’s desire to overrun it, overcome the universe, and overstep the boundaries.


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